amical coffee

our coffee philosophy: from soil to soil

as the first vertically integrated importer of Farm Direct organic Cameroon coffee beans in Hong Kong, we are committed to providing the very best quality high-altitude arabica beans. We oversee all operations from farming to roasting to pulling the perfect espresso shot. We run our own independent coffee farm in Cameroon to ensure that we uphold our ‘from soil to soil’ philosophy. Our Farmer Direct organic coffee program is built on traditional farming practices, open communication, transparency, and paying our farmers fair prices for the best possible coffee. We advocate for natural fertilisation – the return of used coffee grounds into the soil from which our beans are grown.

amical assisted in the establishment of a Cameroonian coffee cooperative comprised of 460 farmers in the province of Mbiim. We also contributed to the provision of agricultural machinery to help farmers increase productivity without any need for chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Our commitment to practicing social and environmental responsibility is to ensure that our operation will benefit farmers, coffee drinkers and the earth.

cameroon arabica coffee

a great cup of coffee begins with the best environment. as one of the most favoured regions for coffee bean cultivation, Cameroon’s climate and geography lend themselves exceptionally well to coffee production. Cameroon arabica’s highly desirable flavour stems from the country’s high altitudes, ample rainfall and fertile volcanic soil. Much of the coffee in Cameroon—arabica in particular—is grown more than 5,000 feet above sea level in the Western highlands. Given its typically low production rate (6.5 million kg in the 2011-12 season), Cameroon arabica is prized as a rare commodity among coffee connoisseurs the world over.

We at amical are proud to be the first to introduce Farm Direct Cameroon coffee to the Hong Kong market. Our beans are hand-picked and processed every October after the end of the rainy season. They manifest as a full-bodied coffee with snappy acidity, earthy chocolate flavour and a light, pleasant finish of red berries. To best achieve its characteristic aroma and taste, we dark roast our beans for a rich, dark exterior and a delicately roasted interior. As an independent company, our short supply chain gives us the freedom to work from a locally-based roasting facility, which ensures that our beans are fresh— a crucial element for a transcendent cup of coffee.